Books & Quick Reads

IMG_20160130_114134“Quick Reads” are short stories, under 2,500 words. You’ll also find snippets of my current works in progress.

When writing “Quick Reads” I don’t always stay within the confines of my genre- I write whatever, whenever the mood strikes. Take a gander and leave feedback!


Quick Reads

  • The “C” Word- Currently in competition. 
  • Heart of Palmer– Currently in competition.


BooksExpected completion date is Summer of 2016!

  • Bad Blood:

At last, Rylee Andrews has gained enough strength to leave her deplorable boyfriend. But, her plans twist in a nasty direction, and a terrible situation turns nightmarish when someone from her past comes to call. Once Detective Jackson Blackmore is thrust on the scene, he stumbles into a whirlwind of deceit and unanticipated emotion. When he finds there’s more to Rylee than he’s told, and more connecting them than a case file and small town Tennessee upbringing, Blackmore starts a race against time.

Jackson and Rylee could be each others saving grace, in more ways than one, if he can solve the case before it’s too late.

  • Beneath the Olive Trees:

Isla Rochester’s life was what most women craved, if they squinted through rose colored glasses: married to a wealthy socialite, with two beautiful kids, in a house on the beach in Florida, and a fantastic career as her own boss. Though it sounded nice when she was twenty, a decade later, it wasn’t anything like she’d expected. Aside from her children, her life was nothing more than hell and heartache.

At thirty, figuring out who she is becomes top priority, and no one will stand in her way. But, a literal run in with a man fifteen years her senior, with more than jaw dropping good looks in his arsenal, sets the chance for a detour through the unknown; which is right where Isla may find precisely what she seeks.