About Amanda

“I think all writing is a disease. You can’t stop it.”
—William Carlos Williams

I won’t attempt to hide the fact that writing a blurb about myself is a million times harder than writing four hundred plus pages about a made up someone else. I just don’t like it, makes my head hurt. Though, I suppose an “about me” page has to be just that, so, I’ll try to give you the juicy while maintaining composure.

When I’m not writing unrepresented, yet to be published NY Time’s Best Selling Romantic and Women’s Fiction, you can find me:

Shakespeare Garden, Central Park, New York

In my humble abode on the gulf coast of Florida, teaching Thing #1 to read, write, and divide big numbers (ew…math), changing Thing #2’s diapers, wrangling with a smelly old Pug and super fat cat, cooking Asian & Floribbean food, making laundry angels, acting as the living room groupie of 80’s hair bands, and after adjusting my crown- meticulously detailing our two porcelain thrones. Not necessarily in that order. Full of glamour and intrigue, right? I also have a design certification from the New York Institute of Art & Design.

Now -don’t mistake me- I absolutely adore my life, and Thing #1 & #2, to no end! But, as I’m sure most would agree, everyone needs to just zone sometimes! Writing gives me that. I live to love, and write. It is my oasis; a place entirely my own. Hopefully, what I write will also become a respite of yours.  That’s all I can hope for.


It’s taken me a long time to realize that every accomplished, well-known author had to start somewhere. To this point, I have but two published works- poems. This, of course,  was a massive accomplishment for a fifteen-year-old version of myself {I won’t tell you how many years ago that was!} The two poems read nicely in a hardcover NY Time’s recommended poetry compilation, titled ‘Muse Whispers, Vol. 1,’ that Midnight Edition Publishing contacted me, along with 109 other hand selected poets, to publish.

amandamichaelheadshotAnything else I have written to this point, like a lot of writers, I was too shy to share. Fear of rejection can be a pesky little bugger. No more! I will be writing my little fingers off, then actively seeking representation and publication. Just throwin’ that out there.

With that being said: Now that my baby making hiatus- and fear of rejection- is over,  I’m happy to announce that I currently have TWO novels in the works, which  I hope to have completed by the end of summer 2016! My madness returns *mwahaha*!

In addition, there are various completed short stories that are on this site for you to view.  Check out those stories and snippets of what I’m working on, here —>Books & Quick Reads. Feedback is encouraged, and appreciated.

I really hope you’ll join me on this journey! No, not the one that leads to cleaning toilets. {Although, an extra pair of hands would be stellar! Any takers?}


Amanda Michael

-I almost forgot! If my husband, who makes it possible for me to follow my dreams full-time, ever reads this, he’ll be shaking his head, saying, “Hey! What about me?!” Well, there you go honey, a sentence just for you!


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