Novella Review: The Profiteer by Evan Asher

The Profiteer by Evan Asher

As a rule, I don’t read novellas. I dislike being sucked in, only to end up unfulfilled. I find my tumble to woe stems from the sheer nature of a novella -too short a read- or, it lacks cohesive detail and has too many loose ends. In addition, I’ve not been impressed with romance written by men. No, I’m not a man-hating feminist. But, who better to write from a woman’s point of view about hot sex and passionate love, that truly speaks to a woman’s happy place, than a woman – right?

All rules aside, I took a chance on The Profiteer, after seeing a tweet by Asher about another novella, Untrusting Hearts, co-authored with Madison Hartt.

Those tweets are working, Evan! Follow Him on Twitter @evanasher555.

In the words of the story’s hunky hero/villain (depending on with whom he’s interacting,) I found this novella… lovely. A book I refused to put down!


Welcome to the charming town of Cedar Grove. Where the town’s folk live unruffled lives and are content inside their Mayberry box of normalcy. So, when the rumor that local merchants will be bought out and picked apart by a large corporation becomes reality, everyone begins to scamper.

We meet our lovely leading lady, Kelly Davis, in the town diner. Kelly, a beloved local business owner, detests the idea of a company such as Hudson Industries encroaching on her town; stamping their pompous, overpriced shoe prints on everything the community has slaved to keep in tact. Though, we find her ardent apprehension is not just for herself, but her friends and too-long-time boyfriend, Curtis. Kelly is determined yet kind, personable, naïve and caged.

Enter the ruggedly handsome Lucas Hudson, millionaire heir to Hudson Industries, sent to scout Cedar Grove for a new factory and company store. As far as Kelly knows or cares, he’s nothing more than a dream-crushing trust fund baby. She hates “Luke” and all he stands for, so, why can’t she take her eyes off him? Okay, she’ll admit, the man’s a vision. Sexy, and deplorable. But people aren’t always as they seem.

Just how much will Luke Hudson shake things up in Cedar Grove? Will his well-known shoe print leave such a mark it shatters the town, and Kelly?

Read the book to find out!

(I also added a snippet below from one of my favorite scenes. Total swoon!)

Evan Asher The Profiteer Snippet

Throughout the one hundred twenty-nine pages of The Profiteer, readers will enjoy the ties of familiarity that play tug of war with the allure of change, the quirks of well crafted characters, and a perfect amount of intrigue and romance. All of which are nicely intermingled with the small town appeal of picturesque Cedar Grove.

I found Asher’s writing fluent, effortless, BELIEVABLE! No trite description, no over the top how-in-God’s-name-did-she-get-in-that-position​​​? lovemaking. (The sexy scenes are hot! Kudos to you, Evan.)


I humbly admit, Mr. Asher, you’ve put me in my place in a way, as I could read piles of your romance novellas! Perhaps you will grace us with a novel? I’d love to see what you would do with four hundred pages. Until then, I’ll continue to enjoy and recommend what I have before me!


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One thought on “Novella Review: The Profiteer by Evan Asher

  1. They say authors are not supposed to respond to reviews, but I feel compelled. Thank you for taking the time to not only read my book, but to leave such a detailed review. And such a nice one!


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