Writer’s Blog- Living with a Humanoid

Fiction writers have some of the most intricate, imaginative minds on planet Earth, hands down. We are what you call, “Right Side Brain” people.

Though, we often use the left side of our brains as well; systematically deciding on how/ if the sequence of our creations will make sense to our audience. Whimsical while possessing an ability to stay on the intended trajectory. Really, we’re the best of both worlds, folks!

amanda michael author blog1Let’s have a look-see, shall we?

Romantic Fiction Author writes, “Ezmeralda was breathing heavily. Take me, right here, right now, lover! Finally, Armando’s thick bicep swept Ezmeralda up in a tight embrace and slammed her against the barn doors, with the ferocity of a hungry lion.”


Now, let’s say “Armando” is loosely derived from Romantic Fiction Author’s husband- I’ll call him Bob- who once threw her on their couch to show off his latest wrestling moves, having accidentally squeezed too hard in the process. The writer’s real life scenario certainly isn’t Armando, with his rippling biceps, or in a barn- but will ya look at that- there it is; creativity spread out over hundreds of pages!

This blip from pseudo novel ‘Lions, Tigers and Biceps- Oh My!’ has sprung forth because Ezmeralda, who lives on a ranch, has had a chance meeting and accidentally falls in love with Armando, at the town circus- Armando being said circus’ lion tamer. Armando, a man who never stays in one place for very long, doesn’t want to get tied to Ezmeralda, but will acquiesce her overt carnal desires. This chain of well planned events ultimately leads our author to produce a perfectly timed climax of cliche’s.

This all shows Romantic Fiction Author’s ability to use right side brain and left side brain.

That’s how a lot of “our” mind’s work though, isn’t it? Taking an idea, derived from real life scenarios or conjured from the darkest depths of our sometimes frightening brains, and running wild- while making sure everything has it’s purpose.

I believe this kind of skill is in our makeup. It’s not just what we do– it’s what we live for, it’s who…we…are! It’s even what some of us are lucky enough to be successful at {sadly, I’m not one of those authors- yet.}


I digress.

Most writers also really enjoy sharing this passion and creativity with others, or we wouldn’t bother seeking publication, right?

So, what happens when you have a mind that thrives in la-la land; when creating tangents of sordid love affairs or dragons from planet neuroses is the air you breathe, but you are always in the company of a strictly no frills machine- a person with a Left Side Brain? How do you even know if you’re dealing with one of these people?

Please, allow me to enlighten you.

On a cover-my-butt side note: Love you, dear! It’s all in fun! But, seriously….

If, when crawling out of your writing cave, you ask {insert trusted person here} for feedback on your latest work, and it renders a response similar to the one below- then like me, you may be in the midst of what I like to lovingly call a “LSB Humanoid.” For this lesson, our characters will be, “Fiction Author” and “Humanoid,” for short.

“Honey, read this chapter and tell me what you think!’ asks Fiction Author, as she hands Humanoid a stack of pages full of romance and intrigue.

Fiction Author is excited to share, because according to her agent/editor/beta reader, she has just written the most captivating chapter of her career. Now, while others might adore Fiction Author’s work, it’s sometimes the kudos of those she’s closest that mean the most…so she waits.

Thirty minutes later….

“Well, what do you think?!” Fiction Author asks anxiously.

Humanoid looks up, “It was good.”

“Just good? What’s wrong with it?” Has the dialogue become monotonous? Are the scenes not believable enough? Are the characters boring? Everyone else loved it…

“Nothing. It was good, Fiction Author.” Humanoid looks back down.

Now, Fiction Author is getting really worried. “Good” is not good. Humanoid senses Fiction Author’s angst and looks up once more.

“Well, I just don’t understand why target audience needs to know how alpha male character made love to vulnerable female character. Why is this necessary? Can’t you just write the way my no frills brain works, by simply stating –they did it- and moving on?”

Nope, sorry, really can’t!

For the fiction enthusiast, our target audience, it’s all in an author’s properly executed details. {Leave your sparkling brown eyes and boyish smiles at the door.} A good author’s “mastery” of words is what drives a story to a fulfilling end, and into the hearts of our  readers. My target reader would have picked up the latest copy of their local newspaper or Humanoid Digest if they wanted reality and/or fact. What a TOTAL bore-fest.

Fiction readers enjoy fiction, obviously {duh}, because it isn’t…stinking…real! It’s exciting to read, because, let’s face it- most readers, myself included, have never been thrown against a barn door by a lion tamer named Armando!

…..Oh, you HAVE? Pray tell!


So, while our LSB Humanoid might lovingly get US and appreciate our whimsy,  they probably don’t get IT, and that’s okay. We accept them the same way they accept us, most days.

In fact, having a “cut to the chase” mind for critique can be helpful. I recognize this. And, while I appreciate being reeled out of fantasy land from time to time {okay, no I don’t; who am I trying to kid?}- I personally find it difficult to have a productive, open ended writing related discussion about, “WHAT IF?”- because I find {in my experience} that LSB’s almost entirely lack whimsy.

Bottom line…for someone like me, who writes about fantasy worlds in order to exist, happily- then dealing with a left side brain can be like having your hands chained together, in an empty room with no windows, and NO WAY TO WRITE {unless you take note from the depraved, fantastic Marquis de Sade- by way of ‘Quills.’ Though, I don’t recommend it!}

I’d love to hear from some other creative minds, on how it feels to be the right side brain fly to a left side brain’s swatter– if applicable.

  • Just for a little fun, you can check out this quick video on how to tell if you or someone you know is a Right Side Brain, or Left Side Brain!


A Right Side Brain, loving and laughing at a Left Side Brain,

A. Michael



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